If you would like to make more money online, and have been struggling with lead generation for a while, chances are that you will need to look at your marketing strategy closer. One of the main problems business owners face when trying to find the right promotion method is that they are looking for the easy button. The bad news is that it is not there at all. You will have to find the right combination of content and value to engage with your local customers. Find a few marketing methods you might not have tried before.

Search Engine Optimization

The first thing you will have to look at is your website’s SEO score. There are plenty of companies offering a free or low cost report, so you will know what you have to improve. You can try and contact a local SEO Agency that will come up with recommendations and create a plan for your business. This lead generation and marketing method, however, is not the quickest.

Messenger Bots

If your business has a Facebook page, you might need to automate engagement and identify leads using qualifying questions. You can set up a messenger bot, such as ManyChat, MobileMonkey or ChatFuel, so you can follow up with people who liked or commented on your content. This will take the guesswork out of follow ups, as you are targeting warm traffic, instead of just shooting in the dark.

Social Media Marketing

If you haven’t implemented a social media marketing plan yet, it might be time to start developing a strategy. The first step should be to identify your ideal client and find out as much possible about their preferences, needs, and online behavior. Once you know what their main buying triggers are, you can tailor your social media content accordingly.

Sales Funnel Development

Manually generating and following up leads can be challenging. You might want to talk to a full service sales funnel agency that will tailor the different content, touch points, and follow up sequences to your company’s needs and your customers’ interest. This will certainly improve your ability to generate leads online.  A sales funnel will also save a lot of time, and allow you to measure engagement and conversions at different stages.

Dedicated Lead Pages

If you are wondering why nobody is buying from you online, you should have a look at the page you are sending them to. Is it clear what you have to offer and what you want them to do? Does the page answer the question “what is in it for me”? If not, you might want to talk to a digital marketing expert of a web designer, and get a lead page created that will collect the email addresses of people already showing interest in your products.

To make the most out of your online business, you will need to master lead generation. Try the above methods and ensure that your messages and call to actions are always clear to your audience.

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