Generic marketing articles will often recommend that businesses do everything that they can to reach out to their clients on social media. It’s seen as one of the best ways of gaining leads at a low cost. 

But is it such a good idea for the average business to wade into the fray? 

In recent months, we’ve seen how important social media is for swaying public opinion. Just look at what’s been going on with Gamestop stock. Who would have thought that a bunch of commenters on Reddit could bring some of the world’s largest hedge funds to their knees? 

There are, however, many more down-to-Earth examples of companies getting into trouble on social media. All it takes is a handful of disgruntled customers to share their negative experiences to bring down an entire brand. 

The Importance Of Reputation Monitoring

Fortunately, businesses have a defence. It’s called “reputation monitoring” and it involves keeping tabs on social media conversations across the net. 

It’s not something you do manually. Instead, it involves using software to continually scan for keywords related to your brand so you can keep tabs on people’s conversations.

It sounds futuristic, but it’s actually surprisingly simple to achieve. You can even outsource the task to a third-party agency if you don’t feel like it is something you want to manage yourself. 

What do you do when you find negative sentiment towards your company? Simple – you defuse the situation immediately. You can simply reply on forums saying how you’re trying to solve the problem. And you can admit your mistakes to keep the conversation transparent with your audience.

Simple tactics like this can usually turn a heated situation into a much calmer one. The moment you provide customers with restitution, you protect yourself from any future brand damage.  

How To Foster Better Public Relations On Social Media

When it comes to fostering better public relations on social media, you can use several strategies.

The first is to start commissioning press articles and then posting the links on your accounts. explains how this can help professional services improve their public image. 

It’s quite simple to do, actually. Just commission a writing agency to write a press release and then get journalists to circulate it in publications across their newswires. Once you’ve done that, just link from your social media accounts. 

The second step is to use chat features more often. It’s time-consuming, but it helps to build more intimate connections and trust with your customers. If they know you’re just a text message away, they’re much more likely to go back to you to solve their problems, instead of complaining more publicly about your services. 

Thirdly, you can create better brand values that will make your customers more forgiving. You don’t want a transactional relationship with them according to That will create an antagonistic relationship. Instead, you want them to feel like they’re a part of your club. That way, they’ll feel more forgiving if and when something goes wrong. Ultimately, it helps your PR.