One thing is for sure – online content is now an integral part of most of our lives. Even if you have a job that barely means you interact with a computer all day, which is unlikely, at least some form of content will be involved.

This might be training courses, online guides or something more relative to your particular working needs. When running a business, online content has now become the de facto main element of reaching out and connecting with an audience.

It’s why small snippets of advertisements always run on your social media timelines, or why companies are so interested in having you follow their social media profiles. This is just scratching the iceberg. But what online content actually draws attention these days? It can seem as though the market is oversaturated with posts of some kind, all vying for your attention, all trying to get the customer’s money.

As a business leader, where on Earth are you supposed to start?

Thankfully, while there is much more competition, intelligent methods still hold value. Let us see how they might be applied:

Informative Content

Often, the content that generates the most clicks and is also most friendly to search ranking algorithms is that which informs. This is quite important to know, especially after many years of low-quality content farming that leads to distrust on the part of many internet visitors. This is where using marketing services like FatJoe, who understand this need for quality content, can be the biggest leg-up on your competition you might need.

Articles are very strong contenders, particularly those in a divided, listed format, as it helps those looking to get to the meat of the advice they are looking for. However, video content is also very much appreciated, as two forms of algorithms can be utilized – Google’s and YouTube’s search ranking efforts.

Viral Content

Viral content is often known to be reckless and quite unpredictable, but companies have made use of it in the past. Starting their own hashtag asking a question, committing to viral marketing campaigns or generally trying to use social media trends to their advantage, what’s hot and ‘now’ can often lead to a great opportunity for creators and forms hoping to make that change and get seen.

Live Content

In a world where most things are on demand, it can be truly worthwhile to implement live content that feels pressing and special into your online outreach efforts. Going live on YouTube or another social media service can help you connect with your audience, can provide relevant and timely updates, and can also generate engagement due to the time-valuable nature of the production.

We would certainly recommend doing what you can to offer this, or to see how you could integrate it into your brand. You might just be surprised with the results.

With this advice, we hope you’re much better able to draw attention to the content you produce.

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