Starting a travel blog could be the best decision you make in your life. If you want to travel, a blog could end up funding months, if not years of travel time for you. This is a dream come true for many avid travellers! But what does it take to create the perfect travel blog that people actually want to read? Read on to find out. 

A Great Name

Simple enough, but you’re going to need a great name if you’re going to keep people coming back. It should be classy and easy to remember, with a view to the long term in mind. Double check the social media pages you’re going to want to get, too. Once you have your name in place don’t forget to come up with a mission statement to define what you’re all about. 

Plug Ins For Travel Bloggers 

Using the right plugins for travel bloggers can help you with an abundance of things. To combat spammy comments (which all blogs have to deal with) you can use Akismet. This plug in catches and deletes them immediately. There’s even a plug in called Comments Not Replied To that can help you to ensure you reply to each comment and continue building your community. There are many more that you could use, so hunt for the ones you think you’ll use.

An About Page 

Every travel blog should also have an about page. This tells people who you are, what you do, and why you do it. People want to know more about the face behind the blog, and this is your chance to help them get to know you. 

Be Authentic And Let Your Personality Shine Through 

Avoid letting your writing become stiff. Try to be authentic and aim to have your personality shine through in your writing. Write as you would if you were talking to a friend! 


Keeping your site secure, even with a cheap vps can give your audience peace of mind and keep them coming back. 

Google Analytics

You should install and use Google analytics to record how many people are visiting your site each day. Check out analytics for certain posts and take note of whether your numbers are improving. You don’t need to get obsessed with the numbers, but they help.

Find A Network Of Bloggers At A Similar Level To You

Finding bloggers who started out at a similar time to you can be a great way to build your own support network. You can get involved in Twitter chats, create a Facebook group, or even meet in person. You’ll all be able to learn from one another, sharing tips on how to build your audience, finding your niche, and monetizing your posts. Making friends with other travel bloggers could help to provide you with many opportunities! 

As long as your travel blog has everything listed here, you could be on your way to fast success. Is there anything you think we’ve missed? Leave your own thoughts and ideas below!