If you are planning to visit a distant city for longer than two days or so, you might want to consider getting a serviced luxury apartments rather than opting for a hotel room, especially if you are more of a homebody who likes to have somewhere to put your feet up after a busy day, whether it is sight-seeing or business-dealing.

Is There Room Service at Midnight?

Some serviced apartments do offer a night menu that looks much the same as a hotel’s room service menu. This is usually on offer in blocks of flats that are entirely owned by the serviced apartment company, when they have been able to install a kitchen in the ground floor, and perhaps even a small restaurant.

Others might have reciprocal agreements with nearby hotels to use their room service facilities whenever it is necessary, and still others might have a driver who pops out to an all-night takeaway for you. If having food available at anti-social hours is important to you, make sure you mention this when making your booking to avoid disappointment!

Someone To Look After Me?

Housekeeping services in serviced apartments can vary from a quick hour once a week – usually just enough to change the bedding and the towels, and maybe run a vacuum over the floor – to a full anytime service, in which you can press a bell (or dial the phone) to summon someone to come in and clean up and turn down the beds as and when you need them.

The price of your accommodation will almost certainly go up the more housekeeping attention you require, so that is something to bear in mind.

Spacious Rooms for Two to Eight People

Most service flats are designed for three to five people, with outliers catering for couples or for exceptionally large groups of eight, and very occasionally ten (although this almost invariably requires that rooms are shared, and, sometimes, that temporary beds (fold-aways, truckle beds, etc) are used, which is not ideal if the group living in the apartment are all grown adults!

The flat will have a separate kitchen and bathroom, both of which will be modern and well-equipped with everything you need, there will be the various bedrooms, and there will be some kind of living area: a lounge, lounge/ dining room combination, or a seating area in particularly large kitchens.

The kitchens will have everything you need should you decide to cook a meal, rather than going out, and there will be all the mod-cons such as a dishwasher for your absolute convenience, even if you are going to be cooking and cleaning for yourself.

Compared with a hotel room or suite, you will have much more floor space in an apartment, not to mention having your own front door key that you can keep with you at all times, unlike in a hotel where you will be expected to hand it in. And the final benefits of choosing a serviced apartment will be found in your finances. Apartments, even full service apartments, tend to be a cheaper option than hotel rooms, especially given their much larger size.