Wangsa Maju Vs Danau Kota: Which District Would You Like More?

Wangsa Maju

The capital of any nation is going to be incredibly rich. It’s not just going to be rich in terms of the amount of GDP it produces for the country, but rich in art, music, theater, food, fashion, business and of course opportunity.

It’s little wonder then that more and more travellers want to experience this city and make it their first stop when they are bounding around this part of the world. Firstly, it’s incredibly modern with many companies that are known the world over making this city of 1.8 million people, their home.

The skyline is competing with other East Asian cities like Singapore, Hong Kong and Jakarta. The two districts that will be explored are Wangsa Maju and Danau Kota. The former is a district that is teeming with a hustle and bustle, as it’s a corporate location where many businesses and affluent residents live. Danau Kota is a more laid back area where locals go to do their shopping and dining.

The question is, which one would be more to your liking?

Spacious and prosperous

Wangsa Maju is somewhere you would find businessmen and many affluent professionals going about their day. Here you will find quite a lot of building and construction works going on. A lot of land has been cleared for new modern buildings of all kinds to be erected. Here you’ll find extravagant condo complexes.

Take a look at a condo in KL with private pool where you can rest and swim at your own leisure. You can expect to pay between 5000 and 7000 RM. There are around 100 separate units spread out on 10 floors. Privacy is taken seriously here, so you will be left alone without anyone bothering you.

Late at night, it’s also quiet here because there isn’t much traffic and main roads that filter through this district. This is a superb place to move to if you are going to be travelling all around the city and exploring what is on offer for an extended period of time.

Those that are intent on living out in this district for a few months should consider renting out your very own condo.

Choices at your feet

This district has a large array of restaurants of all kinds of cuisines. One of them is called Makan Culture. You can find many traditional Malaysian dishes here but also some with a little bit of a Western influence. Check out the lunchtime potato salad that comes with some freshly chopped onions and dill herb.

You can also go with a healthy option such as spiced rice with fried egg and vegetables. For dinner you have the options of Chinese style noodles with fried fish, along with some pork broth and fried pork ribs. Another restaurant that’s also popular is Mama Rozita. You have typical Malaysian dishes such as braised and glazed chicken legs, with mixed rice.

There’s some beef jerky that’s been cooked in a tangy brine, then chopped and served in a bowl of fried rice and vegetables. You have the options of Western style food again, but there are plenty of typical Malaysian dishes too.

Filling up your bags

Danau Kota is where you go to shop when you’re on the eastern side of the city. Here you’ll find plenty of stores but street stands as well. After you’re done shopping head to the Relax Time Massage Center where you can get a massage. There’s a bit of Thai influence to the style of massage. It blends deep tissue massage with surface tension massages. There’s a choice for both strong and sensitive massages.

If you want to do some boutique shopping then check out Sasuke Premium Bundle where they have all kinds of fashion items. There’s a lot of Western influence in the clothing styles here, but you can buy clothes that are memorabilia for the city. There’s a wide choice of jeans styles and caps. With an urban flair, this is a store that many of the younger crowd in the city shop from.

The store has a Japanese style to it overall. Many of the fashion influences you see here are coming from Japan itself, but more specifically the capital Tokyo.

If you want to relax and stay in a modern room with your own private pool, then consider heading to Wangsa Maju district. There are many affluent professionals that work in the many businesses and companies here.

If you want to eat and shop, then you should explore the Danau Kota district. Both have their own distinct atmosphere which you should compare and contrast while on your travels.

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