Video is one of the most potent tools in your arsenal for reaching out to people over social media. Video has a visceral, shareable quality which makes it practically unrivalled in the advertising space. 

The medium – video – might be unassailable, but what content should your videos contain? You might be surprised to find out that your customers usually want you to create just a small handful of video types.

So what are they?

Tutorial Videos

Companies that produce tutorial videos tend to have high engagement without even having to try. People continually want to be shown how to do something involving your product, and you’re the perfect person to show them how.

Tutorial videos

Absolut Vodka, for instance, has a bunch of tutorials on its website showing people how to make drinks using its products. 

How much does a video cost to produce? It depends on the type of video you make. Tutorials are often inexpensive because the primary motivation is to educate, not entertain.

Informative Videos

It’s no secret that products are becoming more complicated in specific sectors. It can be difficult for customers coming to your firm for the first time to understand the essence of what you offer.

Informational videos can help. The purpose of these videos is to explain features, address misconceptions, and show customers how your product can benefit them. 

Informational videos can be a little dry, so it’s vital to spice them up a bit with exciting music and humour. 

Behind-The-Scenes Videos

A lot of your customers love your products. By going behind-the-scenes with them, however, you can show them what you do in even greater depth. 

Behind the scenes videos
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Tesla, for instance, has a bunch of videos on YouTube showing the process it uses to make cars. It’s interesting because it lets you see all the automation technology which goes into making cars. It’s also surprising just how clean the entire environment is. There isn’t a single piece of dirt anywhere.

Foster User-Generated Videos

User-generated videos are booming right now. They’re an excellent way for a company to reach out to a new audience and expand its reach without creating any of its own videos.

The way user-generated videos work is simple. All you have to do is create some kind of incentive for users to make videos and include a hashtag to your firm.

Everyone who views the video will see your hashtag and then funnel through to your web pages and social media accounts. And because users generate the content, you skirt around all the usual branding and advertising issues. It’s a peer-to-peer approach to marketing.

Live Videos

Most major social media platforms now provide tools to allow businesses to create live videos. Periscope, YouTube Live, and Facebook Live all offer a real-time streaming service. 

You can use live videos for all kinds of purposes. Companies often use them for question and answer sessions, but you can also use them for presentations or taking your customers on an adventure. 

Just be sure that you’re ready to go live before you start broadcasting. It’s vital to get lighting and sound right.