Using Social Media to Boost Your Website Traffic

If you’ve looked at your website or blog stats you’ve probably noticed social media is one of the top traffic sources. For many blogs social media is vital, sometimes even more important than search engine and direct traffic.

Here’s a few ways to increase your website traffic via social media.

First of all the most import thing. You should place your website and/or blog in your social media profiles. If people come across your social media accounts and find them interesting they may be tempted to go to your website or blog for more information. How will they be able to do that if there is no link displayed? So if you haven’t done so, go do it now!

The Use of #Hashtags

You’ve probably seen them everywhere? Especially on Instagram and Twitter? Well hashtags are very effective if used correctly and not used too much in a single post.

Hashtags increase the reach of your posts, even beyond your followers. They help you reach new audiences which helps with increasing your impressions of the content you share. Not only that but the audience that see your content may be interested and give you a follow/like. They also can be used for creating discussions.

Whilst using hashtags to increase impressions and engagement it’s important to remember not to overuse them. 1-2 hashtags in a single post is more likely to increase engagement.

Depending on your content, you could tag along and use trending hashtags to also increase your engagement. Here’s a few examples from Twitter.

Here’s another example of a successful tweet which I published on the IHM Web Design Twitter. This was very successful as it increased blog traffic and engagement from using a trending hashtag.

Visual Content = More Engagement

Visual content on social media is known to increase engagement. More people are likely to look at a post with an image rather than a text based post. It’s important that you regularly make use of images, videos, gifs and other visual content in your social media activity.

Keep it Short

You’ll probably agree with me that short updates on social media are more likely to be read, than updates that consist of paragraphs? This is likely because users on social media may have a short attention span and don’t want to or don’t have the time to be reading paragraphs and long posts all the time.

Here’s a few quick helpful points from Inc.


Interesting right?

Post Regularly

Getting your content and using the right keywords is great, but if you’re not posting regularly you’re missing out on even more traffic. Posting once a day isn’t sufficient enough, especially on social networks such as Twitter. Depending on your content and industry, you’d want to post at least 2-3 times a day minimum.

To make it easier to post content throughout the day, there’s many social media scheduling tools. The ones I usually use are Hootsuite and Buffer.

If you go away with these tips in mind you’re guaranteed to increase your engagement and drive traffic to your website/blog.

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