A Newbie’s Two-Day Guide To London

Things to do in London

If you haven’t been to London before, then there are so many iconic and classic places to visit. So today’s post is going to be all about a beginner’s guide or itinerary for London, rather than London hidden gems (although there are plenty of them).

Even if you’ve been to the city a number of times, have you ever just spent the weekend being a tourist? There are so many things to see and do, from large city parks to old castles and churches. Not to mention the shopping, culture, food, theatre shows, and museums.

So here are some of the top things to be doing; would you add anything else to the list?


  • Tower of London: Home to the English Crown Jewels and a place that dates back to 1080 is a great place to start your time in London. It is the home to many key historical events as well as a great place to see real-life Beefeaters and guards.
  • Tower Bridge: Right by to the Tower of London, you are close by to Tower Bridge, such an iconic image of London, so a great spot for a photo. There is also an exhibition to visit.
  • The Shard: Opened in 2013, it is London’s tallest building with 95 floors. You can go right to the top to the viewing deck, or book in advance for a meal at one of the restaurants around the 40th floor.
  • West End and Covent Garden: Covent Garden is a great spot to grab some food, do some shopping, as well as see the street artists. It is one of the best places to get some West End tickets for a show that evening too, with the theatre district just around the corner. So it can be a good place to end the day.


  • Kensington Palace: The palace is linked with Queen Victoria, but it is still a Royal Residence today, occupied by Princes William and his family. You can tour the State Rooms and visit the Princess Diana memorial park, which is a great spot for families.
  • Royal Albert Hall: From Kensington Palace, it is quite a nice walk through Kensington Gardens to area of London that is home to the Royal Albert Hall. You could just have a look at the outside, or book a tour.
  • Free Museums: Just down the road from the Royal Albert Hall is Exhibition Road, which is home to some world-class museums, such as the V&A Museum, National History Museum, and the Science Museum. The good thing about them is that you can spend as long or as little as you want, and could even visit them all.
  • Buckingham Palace: This can be a great spot to finish off your day, although you can see the changing of the guard if you visit in the morning (though there are so many crowds). At certain times of the year (mainly summer), you can even book to have tours inside the palace, which is definitely worth doing.

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