When it comes to business, there is a saying that if people like you, they will want to listen to you. However, if they trust you, then they will want to do business with you. It is something that all business people need to be aware of and implement into their marketing strategy. Any product that is of a high quality is only part of it. You need customers to like the product, of course, but by being able to earn the trust of customers, through what you can provide by things like customer service, you can earn trust and therefore, their loyalty. 

When you think that having an increase in your customer retention can help to boost your business profits, even if the customer retention is as small as 5%, then it can be a big boost for profits, up to 95%. It just goes to show how much it is worth gaining customer trust as the rewards can be really big. So with that in mind, here are some tips to help you to increase the trust and confidence that your customers have in you. 

Tell the story of the company

The story that the company has to tell is a really crucial part of building up a brand. It can help to shape how your audience sees you, as well as allows them to look at the company as being more than just the products, helping to really see where you are coming from. By being able to demonstrate the history of the brand, as well as the specific expertise that the company has, it can demonstrate the values that you have, as well as being able to develop a brand that enables people to really identify with you. When a customer sees how obvious your values are or what the company’s approach is, it demonstrates the company’s authenticity. If you reflect their values, then they will be naturally drawn to you. 

A global brand that is a good example of this is Deliciously Ella, a plant-based food company. Since day one, it has been clear that it was founded as a result of founder Ella’s personal health conditions and her search for food that could help her. In all posts on social media and throughout the messaging of the brand, it is clear that the values are still the same, with health and wellness at the forefront, as well as being ethical in their approach to the environment and plant-based eating. The customers naturally grow and are loyal, as they are people who share the same values. Depending on what your business does, you can do the same kinds of things. You could even look to get the help of tech PR firms if you’re in tech, in a way to create positive branding to your customers. These are all steps that can make a difference to your bottom line.

Know your target audience

Many companies have used market research in years gone by to test out new products, get feedback, and generally see what people are thinking about the business and products or services. It was in some ways seen as a bit of a gimmick, but it is something that is important and does still hold its value. When customers are more particular about who they spend their money with, you can’t just give them a one-size-fits-all experience. 

By conducting some clear and detailed research into who your customers are and what their needs are and if there are any pain points, it will enable you to develop some tailored solutions as well as things that are going to be specific for them as individuals. When you can show that you know them and are aware of them, it will help to solve their problems, as well as add value, meaning customers are much more likely to trust you.

Share your reviews

If you think about yourself, when was the last time that you made something like a restaurant reservation without looking up reviews? Having some recommendations or being able to see reviews is important. This helps to demonstrate your strengths and gives customers a good impression of you. There are online sites to share reviews, but using a tool like Google My Business can help as it will come up when someone is searching for you online. 

These steps are not complex, but they can make a difference in how your customers (and potential customers) see you, and how trusted you are. When you’re trusted, your business will grow.