Three Important Places on The Planet You Need to Visit Before It’s Too Late

Three Important Places on The Planet

Making the perfect travel bucket-list is hard. You have to narrow down all the possible places you could visit and compile a shortlist that you can realistically get to in the course of your life. (And once the travel bug bites, you realise that life is short!)

Add climate change to the mix, and you realise that the available time to visit some of the most significant places on the planet is even shorter. Here are three incredible places you need to visit soon.

The Dead Sea

Did you know that the Dead Sea is shrinking? That’s right: by about four feet every year. Since the year 2000, the Dead Sea has lost one-third of its original size, and sinkholes are starting to appear where before there was water.

The Dead Sea

This is partly a man-made issue, as the flow of water into the Red Sea has slowed to 5% of its original flow because of pipelines and storage reservoirs. Soaring temperatures in the Middle East mean that the water is evaporating fast, with no hope of being replenished. Experts estimate that the Red Sea will no longer be around after 2015 if shrinkage continues at this rate. In short, if you’ve always dreamed of floating in the Red Sea, don’t delay.

The Great Barrier Reef

If the Great Barrier Reef is on your list, you had better get there before rising sea temperatures cause too much coral bleaching for the thousands of species of tropical fish to survive. Spanning more than 14000 miles of the northeast coast of Australia, the Great Barrier Reef teems with every kind of marine life imaginable.

Tragically, the Great Barrier Reef is one of the most visible examples of the catastrophic effects that climate change has had on our planet’s biodiversity. As it stands, coral bleaching has reached a 50% mortality rate, leaving less than a third of the reef alive.

The Great Barrier Reef

More mass bleaching events are expected unless climate change trends are drastically reversed. If you’ve always wanted to see this spectacular underwater landscape, don’t miss your chance.

If you’re heading Down Under to visit the Great Barrier Reef, it’s worth making the most of your visit to Australia, a country rich in diversity and culture. Cheap Car Hire in Perth means you could add one of the country’s most iconic road trips to your visit, traveling all the way up to Queensland for your Great Barrier Reef adventure.

Road trips are a great way to get the most out of your travel adventures, as you get to see far more of the landscape than just the iconic sites along the way.

The Mighty Amazon

The Amazon jungle is one of the most beautiful and wildest locations on earth. If only we could call it ‘unspoiled’. Sadly, the largest area of rainforest on earth is disappearing fast due to rainforest destruction and climate change, which go together in a vicious cycle.

The Mighty Amazon

Recently the tragic incidence of large-scale forest fires due to tree dieback has further accelerated the destruction of this magnificent ecosystem. One of the most important forces in conservation is awareness: the more people visit, the more funding for conservation efforts. Don’t delay your visit any longer if you can help it.

Whether you’re a committed back-packer or an infrequent but passionate traveler, don’t leave it too long to visit these three amazing places we’re still lucky enough to be able to see.

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