Running competitions and offering rewards can be an effective way of increasing brand awareness and boosting engagement amongst your target audience. Now that the internet makes it easier than ever to host competitions, companies of all sizes can launch their own events and benefit from the increased publicity. 

To get started, take a look at these top tips for running successful social media competitions:

Offer Great Prizes

To ensure you receive lots of entrants (and publicity), you’ll need to offer impressive prizes. However, don’t focus solely on a single, major prize. Instead, check online and find prizes, like promotional gifts, that can be given away to numerous participants. This increases the number of people who are rewarded for taking part and can increase your reach even further. 

Get to Grips with the Legalities

When you’re running a competition, it’s important to ensure that you’ve got the essentials covered. There are rules and regulations when it comes to hosting competitions, so be sure to find out what guidelines you need to follow in your jurisdiction. Similarly, some social media sites may have their own rules, so check them out first to ensure your competition won’t be cut short. 

Choose Which Platforms to Use

You may want to run a competition on just one social media platform, or you may want to broaden the event to encompass multiple social media sites. Remember – running an event across numerous sites can be more challenging, so make sure you’ve got the resources to do this before you get started. 

Generally, it’s best to use the platform(s) that your target audience is most active on. This will increase the number of entrants you receive but it will also enable you to gain brand awareness where it matters most. 

Set Clear Goals

Although successful entrants will be rewarded with prizes, there should be a clear gain for your business too. If entrants need to submit their email address, for example, you can use the opportunity to gather data and gain their consent to receive marketing content. Alternatively, you may want to ask entrants to complete a short survey so that you can gain useful insights into your target audience. 

Whatever goals you set, make them clear, meaningful, and relevant to your business. With SMART goals, for example, you can ensure that your competition will deliver genuine value to your company. 

Promote the Event

Before you launch your competition, be sure to promote it as frequently as possible. After all, people will only be able to enter and share details of your competition if they’re aware of it! Similarly, keep running promotional activities while the competition is on-going, and be sure to publicize the results to maximize the impact and increase the return on your investment.

Monitoring the Impact of Social Media Competitions

By tracking the right metrics, you can monitor the success of your social media competitions and hone future activities accordingly. With KPIs, such as the number of entrants, shares, retweets, and/or mentions, for example, you can gather valuable data and use it to enhance your subsequent marketing campaigns.