Signs You Are Ready For A Career Change

There is so much more to life than working a job that you hate. There is more to life than dragging yourself out of bed and packing into a busy train to commute to a role that makes you feel as if you’re not getting anywhere in life. You deserve to feel as if you are getting something from the job you’re doing, and that means checking in with yourself to figure out whether you are able to make a change. A career change feels like a huge deal, but it doesn’t have to be. You have to figure out if there’s a way to change careers to one that will really suit your skills and talents, compared to the way in which you are spending your time right now. 

Here’s the thing: it can be done. You can change careers and go back to school – you could even start right from the beginning if you want to. You can take free online courses and upskill so that you can improve the way that you work, or you could change the entire industry in which you’re qualified to work. There are several signs that will tell you that it’s time to make a change, and here they are:

  • You just fell into your current job. Some people end up stumbling over any job to bring in the income, and they get stuck there for several years. Perhaps you were convinced that you weren’t worth something else and decided to stay where you are. No matter how you got into it, you need to ensure that you are comfortable in what you’re doing. If you know that you would suit something else but you can’t figure out what, a career coach could help.
  • Life around you has changed. Perhaps you’ve had your own family or you have had a huge life change somewhere. Sometimes, these big shifts can spark interest in you that you didn’t know was possible. The puppy that your roommate once adopted may give you cause to want to work with animals. Maybe you had a baby and that has given you the bug to become a doctor. Either way, getting into a career that makes you happy is the smartest choice that you can make.
  • You’re expecting to be made redundant. Sometimes, the very industry you are in starts to crumble around you, which means that you need to think about the outlook in your field. If you are in it at that moment, you will find that this is the nudge you need to change what you’re doing every single day.
  • Another field has captured your interest. It happens! You are working in technology and the automotive industry has piqued your interest. If you can see yourself being a pioneer in a new field, then the best thing that you can do is learn new skills and take courses that make sense to you. It won’t take long to get where you want to be!

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