If you have a small business, a large business, or even a freelance business, you should think about cyber threats. The internet can be a scary place, and there are some incredibly intelligent people out there who will take advantage of weaknesses in your infrastructure if you let them. 

The thing about cyber threats is, hackers don’t tend to discriminate. They don’t care if you’re a freelancer making a small amount of money, or if you’re just a small business.

They will hack you, or try to threaten you to pay up some money if they feel they can. Whatever your business is – yes, you should be worried about cyber threats.

Even small businesses can lose thousands when ambushed by hackers, a virus, or another cyber threat. The downtime and the loss of money and clients can be something very difficult, if not impossible to come back from.

You not only have to think about the money that you have lost with your business out of action, but the clients who may no longer trust you, and the money it costs you to get back online. 

If you don’t take steps to prevent cyber threats, you may even put sensitive data at risk – both yours, and the data of your clients. This could land you in untold legal trouble. To avoid getting into financial and legal trouble, you must do something. The infographic below will give you some ideas. 

credit to University of Alabama Birmingham