Let’s face it, we all have at least one bad habit. Whether it’s buying coffees, smoking, bottles of wine, chocolate etc, you get the gist.

My bad habit is buying a coffee on the way to work each morning.

So out of interest, I decided to work out how much I’d be spending on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis on buying coffees from Costa Coffee and Starbucks.

I’d usually opt for either a caramel macchiato or the special coffee they’ve recently released, such as the Bonfire Spice Latte, which is very nice!

Depending on where I’d go, these coffees cost me anything from £3.59 to the £4.80 mark. That’s not too much when you think of it like that.

Costa Coffee

But, what about on a weekly basis?

The costs range from £17.95 – £24.

Monthly? That’s around £71.80 – £96.

Shall we go further?

Yearly, that’ll cost between £861 – £1,152.

Pretty crazy right?

One of my goals for next year is to buy a house. Saving £70-96 a month will come in very handy when you add it up each month.

But what about my morning coffee habit? Changing the routine grabbing a coffee on the way to work is hard, I’ll admit that.

I’ve tried a few different things over the past few months.

Picking up a Toffee Latte at Mc Donalds, that wasn’t too bad, it was so much cheaper, yet I started to get bored with the same coffee and selection they had available. The costs would still rack up.

I decided to try out the £1 coffee machine at a local shop, that wasn’t a bad call, but it didn’t taste as great, so I was wasting a fiver each week on coffee that didn’t taste as good…

So instead of that, I decided to pop to Sainsbury’s, picked up a box of Nescafe’ special edition coffees.

8 sachets for £2.50, sometimes even £1.50 if they’re on offer.

£0.31 for a coffee, that’s more like it.

I’d leave the box at work.


Well, it gives me something to look forward to starting my morning and distracts me from wanting to go elsewhere.

It’s also helped me with replacing a coffee on the drive to work with a bottle of water.

That little change has helped me focus more. I also don’t feel as guilty drinking coffee, since I’m having more water too.

So far, this has stuck with me and I’ve been saving costs.

But now and then, I will treat myself, as no one wants to live a boring and restricted life. We’ve gotta enjoy it!

Over to you…would you rather spend your money on travelling, doing something you’d enjoy and gain more experiences, or spend it on coffee?

I know what I’d rather…

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