Building a decent following on social media is fantastic for business. This is now the best chance any company stands at creating leads they would have once found in a physical shop.

If you have high levels of social media engagement, your account could start to trend. You may also find that it appears sooner when people search for you. Talk about helping out on your path to success.

Even better, social media benefits don’t end there.

Getting a decent following could also guide you in a whole array of business areas. Though you might not realize it, the interactions and analytics gleaned from customers on platforms like Twitter could become the business guidance you’ve never had. Get into the habit of listening to what followers tell you, and you could soon answer some of your most pressing business questions.

It may seem risky making business decisions based on your following, but doing so could be the secret behind your success. So, keep reading to find out what questions you should be asking of your social media right now.

How can I grow?

Business growth is always a pressing concern. Many people go as far as to say that your business is dying if it isn’t growing.

But, achieving growth is easier said than done. In the early days, you may see a steep increase in attention, but that often fizzles out. It’s not unusual for new businesses to reach a level and stay there.

That’s not what you want at a time when you’re trying to accelerate into the big time. But, guess who may have the answer to growth? Your social media followers, of course. Remember that they provide you with a built-in indicator of what works and what doesn’t.

On this platform, you can test out what really gets your audience excited. It may be that choosing the right words for your hashtags or focusing on particular topics sees positive interactions increase no end.

Equally, you can see first hand the content which doesn’t hit the mark, or the products which don’t get your audience going. By monitoring these trends, you should come to see exactly where your audience would like you to grow. Once you know that, you can put time and money into that area while resting easy that your efforts will hit the mark.

When should I work?

Your social media followers can also indicate to you when you should do the majority of your work. In this modern age, going for the typical 9-5 doesn’t cut it anymore. You may find that social media engagement increases from five onwards.

Or, you may realize that you’d be better off starting work at around 7-8 to catch the early crowd. This can ensure that the hours you do spend working are as fruitful as they possibly can be. And, all you need to do to decide is take note of when social media engagement is highest.

Test this by posting at various times throughout a few days. Make detailed notes about when you receive the most views/likes and so on. Then, focus your work day around this customer guidance to ensure success.

How can I change?

Change in business can be a risky thing, but sometimes, it’s necessary. Perhaps you started with a logo or website design which you can’t stomach any more.

Either way, you’re looking to rebrand.

Lucky for you, your social media audience can point you in the right direction here as well. Remember that, as can be seen from these rebranding examples, getting this right is often down to bringing what your customers already love forward and using the right tools. Sadly, knowing what your customers love about your branding isn’t always easy. Unless, of course, you have social media to fall back on.

Taking note of customer comments can help you judge what your followers like most about your company as it stands. You may also find that going all out with something like a poll of a few new logos is your best chance at success.

What am I up against?

Your followers are also a sure way to seeing what you’re up against. That can help you keep on top. It may be that your most loyal subscribers comment to let you know about deals your competitors are holding.

At the very least, paying attention to companies your subscribers follow should help you keep one eye on what others are doing, and what you need to do to beat them.

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