12 Easy Effective Ways to Promote Your Latest Blog Post

So you’ve finished your latest blog post and just hit that ‘Publish’ button.

That’s great news! But now what?

Writing quality content takes time and it’s definitely worth it too.

However, don’t just stop once you’ve published your article and wait for traffic to come to you.

It won’t. And if it does, it won’t be as much as you had wished for.

Every time you publish an article on the web, you need to promote it.

You need to let your audience know there’s fresh content for them.

The thing is, that can be tough – especially with how crowded social media is nowadays.

Don’t you just wish you could put in place a successful content promotion strategy for your latest blog posts?

A strategy with various tactics that will help drive more traffic, lead sign-ups, engagement and ultimately increase your page rankings.

Doesn’t that sound good?

Well, it can happen, and it’s quite easy to do if you take the time and put in the effort to get results.

Luckily, you don’t have to do it alone. In this article, you’ll find various tactics to promote your latest blog posts. Tactics that are simple to deploy and have effective results.

Add this page to your bookmarks, save it to Pocket. Do whatever you’ve gotta do. Just make sure to return to it often. It’s full of successful content promotion tactics that will help turbocharge traffic, boost sign-ups and more.

How to Promote Your Blog Post Effectively

Promoting your blog posts is very easy, and the return can be huge if done correctly. You don’t just want to promote your articles once and then leave them, you should regularly promote them especially if they are evergreen content. To get the maximum engagement and traffic fast, you need to consider sharing your articles where your target audience is.

1 – Share on Facebook

Facebook is one of the best places for sharing your content. It’s one of the first places bloggers usually go to share their latest article. Whether you share your article on a profile or a Facebook page, just make sure you make it look natural and don’t just link-drop.

According to BuzzSumo, Facebook posts that include an image receive 2.3X more engagement than those without images.

Facebook Posts Engagement - BuzzSumo

This is why it’s important to make sure you share your latest article with eye-catching graphics that will encourage your audience to click the article to read on and find out more.

Key Takeaway: Make your Facebook update engaging and eye-catching. Use attractive images and compelling copy to boost clicks and engagement. Consider adding questions to your status to build up interest.

2 – Pin Your Blog Post

Various platforms allow you to pin a post to the top of your profile. It’s recommended to utilise this feature to help promote your latest blog post. When a user visits your profile, the pinned content is the first thing they will see.

Attract them to read your latest article and you may well have a new loyal follower waiting for your next post!

Pin Your Latest Blog Post on Twitter

3 – Share in Facebook Groups

Another tactic that a lot of bloggers tend to do is share their article in specific niche Facebook groups. For example, your marketing articles could be shared in marketing groups that allow you to contribute content. The key to obtaining successful traffic from Facebook groups is to provide value to the members, not becoming known as a link dropper.

By that, I mean, don’t just go to a group and drop your link then proceed to the next.

Instead, add value to the group. Explain a little about the article, give away a takeaway from the article and explain how the article will benefit your audience. By doing this, you will not only see more traffic to your articles, but you will also see engagement on that post.

What happens when your post gets engagement?

It shows back up to the other members of the group, potentially resulting in more traffic and engagement.

4 – Make the Most of Google+

Whilst many people think Google+ has come to its end, it hasn’t. It was mentioned at Amplify, a GaggleAMP event that sharing your content on Google+ will help with search engine ranking. Whilst it may not be the most active platform and you might not have a large following, it’s still worth sharing content for SEO wise.

You should also consider sharing your article in various active specific niche Google+ communities.

Share Your Blog Post to Google+ Communities

5 – Leverage LinkedIn

If your articles are suitable and business, marketing, sales or alike and acceptable to be published on LinkedIn, then you should really consider adding it as a channel for your blog promotion. Depending on how you share your content, you can easily reach a large audience and drive traffic to your website easily.

If you have been active on LinkedIn recently, you will notice a lot of people have started to share updates which feature a sentence or two on each line. Rumours suggest that you reach more people as LinkedIn favours that type of content over link drops.

So I tested it a few weeks ago…and, the results prove it. I had 4,516 views on the post. I had linked to the blog post in the comments and mentioned that nearer the bottom of the status. That’s definitely one way to reach more users and drive traffic to your article.

6 – Add to Pinterest

Pinterest is all about images, if you spend some time creating attractive vertical images specifically for promoting your article on Pinterest, you’ll see some additional referral traffic from the platform.

Whilst it’s not as effective as the major platforms, you will still pick up extra traffic and that counts towards your page ranking and can lead to more signups.

Don’t be put off by needing to create more images for that platform. It’s super simple with the help of Canva and other tools available.

7 – Get Noticed on Flipboard

Flipboard is another great platform for sharing your latest content. A little similar to Pinterest, you can create magazines showcasing interesting articles that other members of the platform can discover and read more. I’ve been using Flipboard for sharing SkillsLab content and have noticed quite a bit of traffic from the platform – so it’s definitely worth doing.

SkillsLab Blog Posts on Flipboard

The platform will automatically categorise your content into specific topics which will then be featured in front of others that are exploring the content available.

8 – Promote on Instagram

Whilst Instagram doesn’t allow you to add links in posts, you can still drive traffic to your website by promoting your blog post.


Well, you become a little creative and mock up something like the below.

Then you share it on the platform and mention to your audience the link is in the bio. Of course, you can still add a link in your caption, however, it won’t be clickable.

9 – Tag specific companies/influencers

Every time I publish an article that features a company or influencer, I’ll always tag them to let them know.

Usually, if they are happy with the article and think their audience will find it useful, they may also share it. Some even tend to leave a comment and thank you.

It’s an easy job to do that takes a few minutes and it’s definitely worth doing.

10 – Promote in your Newsletters

Don’t forget the good old strategy. You must have an email list, right? Why not send them your latest blog posts?

Depending on your audience and how they interact with your emails, consider dropping them a link with a short summary of the article, or alternatively, send them half of the blog post with a read more link.

Maybe even send the article as a drip series linking to the article over the course of a week.

There’s various ways you can use email to promote your blog post. Don’t be afraid to get creative and test.

11 – Be Active on Inbound.org

Inbound.org is a great platform to discuss and share your latest blog posts. Again, don’t just link drop and move on. You should add value to the community and in return, you’ll most likely see success.

Join in discussions and share blog posts on Inbound.org

If you haven’t already, sign up for Inbound.org, choose your topics and start creating discussions and sharing your interesting latest blog posts with the community. They are bound to interact and engage with you if your content is high-quality.

12 – Run Paid Ads

If you want a quick way to get more targeted traffic, start running paid ads. Set up specific targeting and write compelling social updates that your audience would likely click to find out more.

It’s worth doing a few posts to A/B test which performs best, then use the rest of your budget on the top performing.

If your ads are done right, you’ll easily rack up tons of engagement and your website traffic will skyrocket. Just keep in mind, paid ads can become quite expensive, so plan out your content strategy for the best ROI.


If you don’t promote your blog posts after publishing, you won’t get many reads. Yes, it requires time, but the end results are completely worth it.

Remember, don’t just promote your blog posts for a week and then leave them. Continue to promote them on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Especially if it’s evergreen content, you’ll want to share it regularly. After all, you did put a lot of work into that article, right?

If you have any other content promotion tactics for driving traffic to your blog posts, feel free to share them in the comments below!

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