Sometimes you just need to make an outlandish plan for adventure, for no other reason than to prove you can and that your limits mean nothing. Sometimes, rationality leaves us when we consider doing that, but that doesn’t mean our approach is stupid. It’s irrational to climb Mount Everest, yet many people have done it.

Of course, what matters is managing your level of risk, understanding your capabilities, and being inclined to focus on that which is rewarding, not that which looks cool. For this reason, you may have been considering planning a joint expedition with your friends, if for no other reason than to truly benefit from your time together and to make memories worth remembering.

However, let us help you make these plans in a way that ensures everyone is on the same page and that you have something worthwhile to offer one another. There’s nothing quite as straining on friendships suffering from a lack of communication than a big adventure going wrong. Let’s start you out with some essential advice going forward:

Schedule A Few Essential Meetings

Schedule a few essential meetings with your friends beforehand. Plan your route together. Plan who is taking what materials, and who may be driving during long periods. If you plan to go out, match when you’ll be taking rest days with one another, so that no one has to drive hungover. Come up with a plan to meet if you separate, or make sure you know who to contact if things go wrong. In other words – get on the same page and make sure everyone is crystal clear and knows the planning front to back. It makes a difference.

Craft A Travel Fund

Of course, trips cost money, and that means it’s important to handle your funds as appropriate. It can be helpful for one person to be in control of the money fund, someone who creates an account or helps to split the monies into one sum for the booking of services, hotels and trips. Make sure that everyone knows the essential components of the travel fund and what each penny is there to do – and split it as equally as possible. Don’t allow arguments about finance to ruin the trip before it begins.

Book In Advance

Booking in advance can be very helpful for being disappointed on arrival, or not having services lined up for when you really need them. A simple solution for transporting owned motorcycles to a new area, for instance, can help you avoid having to worry about that closer to the time. Booking in advance may even translate to making sure you and your friends don’t have to share a room when you use hotels to break up your journey – as now you’re all older you may require some of your own space, instead of bunking together as you may have at the age of 20. 

With this advice, we hope you can plan your joint adventure with friends as well as possible.