It was 31st December 2017 when I said to myself I had the best year.

But 2018?

That was on another level.

I set myself several goals for 2018 and I’m proud to say I achieved pretty much all of them!

Some of these goals were;

Those were my major goals, and I achieved them.

For 2019, I have set myself many more goals and will try my very best to achieve them, however, for now, here are my favourite 2018 highlights.

#1 – Solo travelling to Bali, Indonesia

I used to say Domican Republic was my favourite holiday destination, but, Bali has topped that. My first ever long-haul solo travel and I loved every second of it. Not once was I feeling bored, nor lonely. There was so much to do.

The main things which make Bali my favourite highlight of 2018 is because of the elephant experience, where I washed, fed and looked after elephants. It was an incredible experience and I’d highly recommend it!

It wasn’t just that though…

I also visited Ubud Monkey Forest, where I was able to get up very close with one of my favourite animals! I was walking around the park with a monkey chilling on my shoulder – what an awesome experience! 😂

I’m definitely going back there!

#2 Jumping out of a plane at 13,000 feet, skydiving!

Now this was an amazing experience.

Skydiving has been on my bucket list for such a long time and I thought it was about time I tick it off the list.

Falling out the sky at 125mph from 13,000 feet was an exciting experience.

I wasn’t scared at all.

In fact, skydiving even taught me several lessons about life.

#3 Gaining Lots of PR!

I set myself a goal in 2018 to learn more about PR and try to get featured in various publications.

The outcome?

It was a success.

Chronicle and Echo Gareth O'Sullivan Feature

I managed to secure features in The Sun, Reader’s Digest, Northampton Chronicle and Echo, Business Matters Magazine, Global Banking and Finance Review and the Metro, a feature for my travel search engine site.

#4 My first ever radio interview experience on BBC Radio Northampton

Not only did I manage to get press features this year, but in November I was contacted by the producers at BBC Radio Northampton for a new evening show they started.

They invited me on to interview me about my travels, business and what I’ve gotten up to.

BBC Radio Northampton ft Gareth O'Sullivan

Whilst it’s a small local radio by BBC, it’s definitely a starting point and was a very exciting opportunity.

#5 Travelling to Vienna for £0.02! Yes 2 pence!

I never could have imagined I’d have travelled to a country for 2 pence! That’s a return ticket. A penny each way.

Incredible right?

That happened back in September.

I got a notification from my travel search engine, Orbis Explorer, notifying me of a flight reduction for Vienna. The reason being was due to a new direct route from Gatwick to Vienna with an airline called Vueling. They sneakily were giving out flights to the direct route at a very cheap cost of a penny each way as part of their marketing strategy.

That’s by far the cheapest I’ve ever had to pay for a flight! Vienna is such a stunning city too. Whilst I was there, I also nipped over to Slovakia for £24!

#6 Collaborating with the CarShop

Back in April, I was contacted by an influencer agency on behalf of CarShop because they were looking to connect and work with local influencers. They loved the type of content I create and share and therefore was chosen to work with them. I was very excited to be offered such an incredible opportunity.[0]=68.ARAHIenJ_M2OJ_y5A5w9iO99tCKqIFH_PJfkXUxNnX-vuJnzkDdz2gBlVWeXMx3ge2Ul9lQJPbFiQl10rHIZYzYLBlrpOTqOF086Zo42AvoWc-wB9U4aIa2vFpluyjuUMX5d8vUFBZ7ImNT5P0iNKeIh6n7yD5XRy_esDvecmRe5oZfAnG1Q79MT1cFaKKqrhqDwcKxVPOT_vAMj7ZuEYMsvSQzNfZUd8MLGKhSEVlS8U4XHWW0kfKZnKbi0swofYBDjMtBiZG3CoWO_-kkVEL8G0Ndly-lnpv9A23oqwOgcdhwoFVHYhOlPMqIoQh-O8IXhC-Ip7qJU07lILCrRoGmG4FdQOssA9ark7f-_pLHmR_gJOnyU6w&__tn__=FC-R

The CarShop walked me through their sales experience recording the whole thing for their marketing campaign and then gave me an all-expenses paid for Ford Focus ST-3 for three days to go on an exciting road trip. I ended up driving to Cheddar Gorge in Somerset. Such a fantastic road trip!

#7 My Audi TT was finally built and delivered!

One of my favourite highlights of the year was receiving my 2018 Audi TT built to order which got delivered early June.

I’m absolutely in love with this car and enjoy every second of driving it.


Maybe a little too much as I’ve already racked up over 9,000 miles and it’s only January! Oops!

Anyhow – those are my favourite 2018 highlights.

Hope you all have an amazing and successful 2019!

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