Make Your Mac Work Harder


Undoubtedly the piece of tech you couldn’t live without, your Mac makes your day-to-day so much easier, with its sleek design and high spec software, where would you be without it?

But it might well be that you’re missing out on some of the best in Mac Apps that are guaranteed to give you back even more. In this blog we take a look at some of the very best in what Apple’s got to offer it’s dedicated group of Mac users.

Parallels Desktop 13

For when you need to get your Mac working seamlessly side by side with your Windows computer.

This App, which will cost you around £60 for the year helps to smoothly run Microsoft programmes on your Mac with no drama.


Are you one of those Mac users working across different screens and finding the integration frustrating? Fire up this App and make the whole thing a lot easier. Download Duet on to your Mac and your iPad and attach via a lightning cable. You will then be able to use your iPad just like a second monitor and drag what you need across off your main screen and on to this secondary option.

Quick to set up, easy to use and saves heaving around large monitors. This App will set you back around £15.

Sublime Text 3

This text editor is a tried and tested option for anyone wanting a little extra support in their text editing. It’s easy to navigate and has features, such as the goto search that allows you to jump around quickly and find what you’re looking for easily.

If you’re struggling to choose, try hopping on for some helpful reviews on what’s on the market.

Logic Pro X

If you’re looking to make some seriously tunes, then you this App is for you. It doesn’t come cheap at the £150 mark but it is good.

You’ll find everything you need in terms of samples and channels and it will work seamlessly with your iPad to give you more options for on-the-go recording.


Fabulous and free. This to-do App will quickly get you organised with reminders and file storage. You can even upgrade to a paid package if you want Wunderlist to be shared by your team.

You want your Mac to work smarter and harder for you then start thinking big. The ever popular MacBook Pro can handle it with clever upgrades, fantastic Apps and the capability to produce music to the highest standard. Whether you’re looking for text editor that helps you get the job done quickly and easily or a dual screen without the hassle of setting up a large monitor, explore your App options today and give your Mac a refresh.

Look for the quality and high spec functionality in the Apps you choose that you would only expect from Apple and you’ll take your work and your hobbies onto a brand new level with smart tech that helps you work and play to the best of your abilities.

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