Having the travel bug is one of the most exciting things ever.

No sooner have you picked up your bags from the luggage carousel in your home country, than you’re plotting again about how to get out there and experience even more of what the world has to offer.

It’s something that you never want to stop doing, but the truth is that you need to pay for it somehow. Which is quite depressing, admittedly, but there are some ways around it, like working whilst you travel.

Here’s how you can balance the two!

Look at WiFi reviews before you book

Before you book a hotel or hostel, look at the reviews to see what the WiFi is like. If you’re going to work and travel – on a freelance basis – you’re going to need a good connection, and without it, you’ll be pretty limited when it comes to what you can do. Always look to book those places with a strong connection, then, to keep you online.

Work in coffee shops

OK, so you want to work whilst also experiencing the country that you’re in, and that’s cool. Instead of being cooped up in your hotel room with your laptop, try to work in local cafes and coffee shops. This way, you can walk around whilst you’re having a break, and you can still people watch and take in some of the culture. Get out there, and work in a place that allows you to have a bit more fun than your hotel does.

Keep all of the important documents online

If you need certain things in order to do your job properly, then make sure that you keep them somewhere online, where you can access them in a hurry.

Whether you use the Cloud, or something like Google Docs, be certain that losing your laptop wouldn’t spell sudden failure for your job. Having an online mailbox with virtual access is also a good idea for those who spend long periods at a time away from home.

Don’t take on too much

It goes without saying, but taking on too much work will make your trip totally pointless. You don’t want to be spending 12 hours a day working, as you’ll miss out on all of the fun stuff that travelling offers, so make sure that you limit your workload.

If you want to travel and work (specifically on a freelance basis) then keep these things in mind, so that you can get your job done, whilst still getting the most out of the experience. Look for good WiFi, work in coffee shops and keep your important documents online.

Good luck striking the balance, and enjoy your travels!

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