How to Increase Twitter Engagement by 324% [Infographic]

How to Increase Twitter Engagement by 324% [Infographic]

Twitter, the home of 320 million monthly active users. That’s a very large number..You would be silly not to join in and take advantage of that to share your content

With Twitter being used in many ways, it has a big advantage for businesses. No matter what industry your business is, I’m sure there is a way for you to fit in and take advantage and generate engagement.

You may be thinking “So how do I get my content seen?”, “How do I increase my engagement?” or even “How can I get traffic from Twitter?”

Take a look at the below infographic published by NEIL PATEL from QuickSprout and you’ll find out.

How to Increase Your Twitter Engagement by 324%
Courtesy of: Quick Sprout

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