When starting out a blog, it becomes a logical extension of our personality. It’s where you are able to let your thoughts and feelings flow without any self-censorship. But what happens, when we start to get more traffic and develop a fan base, is that we end up feeling that pressure to deliver something each and every time.

This becomes a very stressful aspect, and what’s more, when it becomes a fully formed entity that is earning you some money, this temptation to keep it up and running results in a lot more pressure.

So what can we do when we feel this stress of running a blog?

Learning The Business Processes (So You Can Unlearn Them)

As there are numerous SEO trends, marketing tactics, and anything else you can throw a stick at in the big wide world of blogging, it can be overwhelming to keep abreast of these things. The moment you treat your blog like it’s a business could very well be the day that you lose all enthusiasm for it.

Instead, it’s important to have in your mind the processes that can help your blog earn you money, like affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, and so on. But it’s about learning these things so you can, in effect, unlearn them. While the pressure may be on for you to monetize your blog in some way, there are companies out there that can help you with the affiliate marketing side of things. Commission Factory is one of many, but we have to ensure that it doesn’t overwhelm our best practices.

The blog is an extension of our personality, and once it loses that personality, we may as well shut it down. But, when these things become a business, we have to remember why it’s popular in the first place.

It’s a delicate balancing act, but it can be done.

Go Back To Why You Started It In The First Place

It could be incredibly exciting to start up a blog that’s earning you money. But once people start to ask you if they can guest post, and companies ask you to review their products, you’ve got to think about if you are accepting these proposals to the detriment of the blog.

No, we’re not saying that you need to not earn money off your blog, but if it becomes something far removed from what you envisioned in the first place, it’s important to go back to the reasons why you started it at the very beginning. If it was a way for you to vent your thoughts and feelings, perhaps it’s worth setting up another blog somewhere else so you can go through this catharsis?

Because if it’s now got to the point where you are the face of the blog, but the personality isn’t shining through anymore, think about altering your blog so it becomes more of a way to help others.

It is stressful to see your blog turn into something else completely. And far from it being “selling out,” if you are able to keep hold of the original thoughts and reasoning behind doing this blog in the first place, you can still remain true to it and yourself. We’d all love to earn money blogging, but we have to remember as well that if we are losing our personality for the sake of earning a bit of money, are we doing a disservice to us?

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