5 Ways to Grow Your Facebook Group

Believe it or not, Facebook groups can be powerful for most businesses.

Depending on your industry, you may struggle to find a reason for utilising Facebook groups, but there are various reasons for why you should. Some of these include, providing updates about your service/product, building an engaged community, offering expert knowledge for VIP clients etc. There are many reasons.

I’m a member of a few Facebook groups, majority of them are for customers who have purchased a product or service, some other groups I’m in are open to anyone and their goal is to build an engaged community and sell to them without making it obvious or provide knowledge to build brand trust making the users feel more confortable for when they decide to try out the service or products the company offers.

Either way, these groups have been very successful and there’s tons of knowledge being shared by the other members regularly.

In this article, I’ll be covering five ways to grow your Facebook group effectively with a targeted engaged audience.

1 – Post Purchase Message

One of the most powerful ways to grow your Facebook community is to give your customers instructions after they’ve made their purchase. If you sell an online service or product, after purchase you should have a pop-up mentioning to join the Facebook group, you could also mention where to contact support etc.

Post purchase messages have worked very well for many companies, and whenever I come across one, I’d usually join the group – because who doesn’t want more knowledge and tips?

2 – Social Media

Sharing your Facebook group on your social media profiles is a great way to increase publicity of your group and promote it to the right people, who already follow you and may be interested to join. You could get really creative and create eye-catching content to showcase the group, whethers thats images or videos or even going one step further and mentioning the group in your livestreams.

You could also utilise the direct message feature on most if not all social media platforms to let your followers know about the group and get them engaged, but if you do send a message, at least make it personalised. No one likes to receive an automatic message saying to join their group because it’s the best blah blah blah…delete.

3 – Newsletter

If you have a regular newsletter that goes out to your clients or particular audience, why not mention about the Facebook group in that? In fact you could even mention you drop your “top tips” or sneak peaks of new products/services there. The more exclusive content available to those who join a group will likely motivate and encourage others to join, it’ll then continue to grow when there’s even more people joining.

4 – Email Signature

Whilst not many people do this, promoting your Facebook group within your email signature could be a brilliant way to drive traffic to your group. Especially if you’re emailing a potential prospect and your engaged audience on a regular basis. It’s worth a shot, you might gain more members than you think.

5 – Website

Mentioning your Facebook group on your website or blog is another great idea to drive traffic and new members. Especially if you receive a lot of website visits, this could be really effective. You could place your Facebook group CTA near your social profiles on the site or even in the footer. Either way, it’s a good idea to promote the group on your website for extra publicity.


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  1. Moss

    Hi Gareth,

    Nice to stop by your site to see how things are going. Your article is remarkably, the strategies are amazing. And when implemented correctly, it’s certain that one can easily grow his Facebook group as indicated.

    But there are many other ways that have work pretty well, such as promoting your group on other groups, and inviting your friends to join your group.

    Thanks a lot for this insightful post.

    1. Hey Moss, Thanks for the comment. Really appreciate the shares on Twitter recently too! Glad you’ve found the article insightful. Absolutely, there are many other ways to grow a Facebook group, like you mentioned. Those strategies have also worked for me too. Thanks again, Moss!

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