If you run your own business then you will know how hard it is to focus on every single aspect of your business at once.

Whether it’s worrying about business development and marketing or trying to do your taxes just before they’re done, being an entrepreneur means you have to wear a lot of different hats. Whilst it is important you do everything you can, certain aspects can be difficult if you haven’t had any previous experience.

1 – Make Sure You’re Focussing On Who Your Audience Are

The first thing anyone should do when it comes to marketing is to start thinking about who your audience is. No matter what industry you are in you should be able to create an avatar that represents your ideal customer.

This avatar should be as detailed as you can possibly make it, showing your customers interests, their likes and dislikes and their shopping habits. Once you have created this, you can be sure all of the marketing materials you create are aimed towards the right person.

2– Video Is Key, Especially When It Comes To Social Media

One of the most popular forms of media when it comes to digital marketing is video and if you’re not already utilising it as a business, you might be missing out on lost opportunities.

People are more likely to stop and watch a video than they are to read text, so if you can get your message across in video format, you’re more likely to get a reaction. Think about what kind of videos you can create, what budget you will need and how you’re going to help them go viral on social media. You’ll want to start by choosing the best video tools.

3 – Learn The Basics Of SEO For All Website Content

Search engine optimisation is a great way to ensure your website ranks well in Google search results. Whilst it is not easy to learn, having a good knowledge of the SEO basics can definitely help your site grow, especially if you’re starting to use the techniques every time you publish something new.

4- Think About PPC And How It Can Improve Your Visibility

If you want to reach an even bigger audience than the one you’re reaching now, Pay Per Click advertising is a great way to go. Setting a budget, you can target your social media posts or Google results to the exact audience you want. This ensures your posts are being seen by the right people. Adwords scripts by PPCnerd are also worth looking into.

5 – Have A Strong Social Media Strategy In Place

Social media is one of the most effective ways to grow your business online, aside from email marketing. With a large population of the world now owning at least one social media account, you have the potential to reach an uncapped amount of people.

Whilst this may seem like free marketing, it takes a lot of time, dedication and investment in order to build a strong social media strategy.

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