Converting a Van into a Campervan: Top Tips for Beginners

Like many others, you probably also dream of taking a holiday in a campervan but can’t realise that dream because of lack of funds. However, you can make your dream come true if you buy an affordable van and simply convert it into a campervan on your own! The thing is to not aim for a campervan that looks like it belongs in a catalogue but go for a simple version instead, that will give you all the comfort you need while travelling.

If you are new to campervan conversion, then the following few easy hints and tips will help you to do a job that will suit you perfectly!

For a start, forget about having all the bells and whistles of a fancy vehicle, and focus more on the things that you will need while on the road, such as:

A bed to sleep on – your bed is the one thing that will change your van into a campervan. You can do this by either getting rid of the back seats and using that space to make a fold-up bed or adding a few hooks to hang a hammock, that you can remove easily, to give you more living space during the day.

Alternatively, you can leave your bed as it is, and use it as extra seating during the day. It’s also a great place to sit for those times that you want to work on your laptop!

Bedding – it all depends on the weather when you’re travelling, as to the type and amount of bedding you take along.

Lighting – although it’s great being out in nature in the dark, there are times when you do need lights of some sort. Keep a collection of Christmas lights in your van, turn off the headlights, and you’ll be able to see everything around you. Hang a portable lantern above your bed to use when you feel like reading. Keep a foldable lantern handy too, to light the inside of your van when you’re trying to find your clothes and so forth.

A headlamp is brighter than the other options mentioned above and is perfect for putting behind your water tank, to check the level of your water.

Water – water is extremely necessary so always take along more than you need. Have a 7-gallon container with a spout that is specially designed for easy pouring. Couple it with a bowl under the split, then you will have a sink for washing your hands too! Tie it in place when you’re on the road, and simply take it out when you’re parked.

If you’re parked in an area where there is no ablution block, then rig up a makeshift shower of your own, from the roof of your campervan!

Storage – staying organised is essential for campervan life, so put up a few shelves here and there, and use clear plastic bins to keep things where you can find them easily. These bins can be stored under your bed or stacked on top of each other to save space.

In conclusion

The important thing to remember when converting your van to a campervan is to only have the things that you will NEED for the time that you’re on the road. This also applies to the clothing you take along, as well as your eating utensils and the amount of food you take with you. Essential too, is the best campervan conversion insurance you can afford, to cover any issues you may encounter on your travels.

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