Three Important Places on The Planet You Need to Visit Before It’s Too Late

Three Important Places on The Planet

Making the perfect travel bucket-list is hard. You have to narrow down all the possible places you could visit and compile a shortlist that you can realistically get to in the course of your life. (And once the travel bug bites, you realise that life is short!) Add climate change to the mix, and you […]

A Newbie’s Two-Day Guide To London

Things to do in London

If you haven’t been to London before, then there are so many iconic and classic places to visit. So today’s post is going to be all about a beginner’s guide or itinerary for London, rather than London hidden gems (although there are plenty of them). Even if you’ve been to the city a number of […]

How To Make Money Whilst Traveling The World

Travel Whilst Working

Whilst the idea of making money and travelling the world at the same time seems like something that’s totally out of reach for most people, the fact is that it’s perfectly possible. Nowadays more and people are going after this lifestyle because they really desire the freedom to live on their own terms whilst also […]

Wangsa Maju Vs Danau Kota: Which District Would You Like More?

Wangsa Maju

The capital of any nation is going to be incredibly rich. It’s not just going to be rich in terms of the amount of GDP it produces for the country, but rich in art, music, theater, food, fashion, business and of course opportunity. It’s little wonder then that more and more travellers want to experience […]

Could You Ever Live Abroad?

Live abroad

For some people, travelling abroad isn’t enough. Living in another country could give you an entirely new experience. Whether you decide to move their temporarily or permanently, here are some of the main considerations you should make. Landing a job You’ll need to make an income abroad. Unless you plan on retiring abroad or studying, […]

How To Manage Work Whilst Travelling

Gareth Working Whilst Travelling

Having the travel bug is one of the most exciting things ever. No sooner have you picked up your bags from the luggage carousel in your home country, than you’re plotting again about how to get out there and experience even more of what the world has to offer. It’s something that you never want […]

A Trip To New Forest and Southampton

Gareth and Nicole New Forest

This year I set a goal of visiting 7 National Parks in the UK. So far, Nicole and I have visited two of them. The first being Peak District and the second, New Forest. As it was leading up to Nicole’s birthday and my original surprise didn’t go to plan, I instead booked a stay […]

A Trip To The Peaks

Peak District Walk

One of the goals I’ve set this year is to visit at least seven of the National Parks in the United Kingdom. I’m excited to say, I’ve now ticked one of the National Parks off already… After several dates with a beautiful lady, Nicole, we both decided to make things official on the 13th January […]

9 Unusual Places To Stay In The UK

Unusual Places to Stay UK

Why bother staying in a standard hotel when you can be more adventurous and have the option of lots of unusual places to stay in the UK? By unusual, I’m talking about some very unique places where you wouldn’t usually stay. From a safari tent, gothic castle, old prison, capsules to a military fort there’s […]

Is Solo Travelling Worth It?

Gareth Solo Travel

I’ve been asked this question endless times. Is Solo Travelling Worth It? Absolutely! It’s by far one of the best things I’ve ever done. It sure does have its pros and cons, but that’s like almost everything in life. Solo travelling has taught me so much, I’ve learnt a lot about different cultures, it makes […]