Travelling is usually about going on holiday or exploring the sights and sounds of a completely new place. Sometimes, though, it’s also about doing something completely epic.  Cycling is now a popular sport across the world. Over the last fifty years or so, great cycling challenges have emerged – some of which you might want...
Making that move
In this day and age, we’re all pretty busy with something. Our heads are constantly filled with tasks that need to be completed. We’re in the digital era – screens and smartphones are drilling information into our minds all the time, so it feels as though we can barely have a moment’s peace. Gone are...
The Lion King Life Lessons
With the release of The Lion King 2019 remake, I thought I’d share some life lessons learned from watching this fantastic $260 million budget movie. Rewatching the film brought back many childhood memories, but also sparked some new insights. So, without further ado, here they are… Lesson #1: Stop worrying Probably one of the most...
Gareth Working Whilst Travelling
Having the travel bug is one of the most exciting things ever. No sooner have you picked up your bags from the luggage carousel in your home country, than you’re plotting again about how to get out there and experience even more of what the world has to offer. It’s something that you never want...
Gareth Germany Bridge
Being a better person doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re in need of change, it can mean that to improve the quality of life for yourself and the people around you, that you strive to be a better person. For many people around the world, self-improvement can mean many things, and if you’re looking to become...
Gareth and Nicole New Forest
This year I set a goal of visiting 7 National Parks in the UK. So far, Nicole and I have visited two of them. The first being Peak District and the second, New Forest. As it was leading up to Nicole’s birthday and my original surprise didn’t go to plan, I instead booked a stay...
Gareth in Bali
Believe it not, one of the biggest fears people have in their life is failure. Many people are afraid of not succeeding when attempting something new. They fear they might not “make it” doing something they are very passionate about. You’re not alone. I used to be afraid of failure, until I realised that life...
Gareth exploring India
Each year I like to set myself goals to achieve, 2018 was a fantastic year. I achieved a quite large amount from my list. For 2019, I’ve set myself a few more goals. These include; Go on more road trips (see below destinations)Visit and either camp, stay in a log cabin or hotel in at...
Gareth in Bali with Monkey
It was 31st December 2017 when I said to myself I had the best year. But 2018? That was on another level. I set myself several goals for 2018 and I’m proud to say I achieved pretty much all of them! Some of these goals were; Visit more than 5 countries including long-haul destinationsLearn PR...
Gareth Solo Travel
I’ve been asked this question endless times. Is Solo Travelling Worth It? Absolutely! It’s by far one of the best things I’ve ever done. It sure does have its pros and cons, but that’s like almost everything in life. Solo travelling has taught me so much, I’ve learnt a lot about different cultures, it makes...
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