Adding Some More Minutes And Hours To The Working Day

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We all have 24 hours in our days, but we don’t have the same kind of 24 hours. If you’ve got to commute in the mornings, taking a train and then three buses, you’re not going to get to work with same amount of time to spare as someone who has a private car and chauffeur. It’s an important distinction to remember, which is why it’s such a crucial idea to try and cut down on those idling minutes and hours when you’re meant to be at work.

So let’s think about how we can make your time more efficient, and to be put to better use on things you want to focus on. Whether you’re working for more followers on social media, or you’re trying to improve your turnaround time on your latest project, here’s some ideas to explore.

Get Your Tech Seen To

If you’re an entrepreneur, or you work from home a lot, or you’re someone who works remotely all over the world, you’re going to have something in common: you rely on technology to get your work done. You’ve got a trusty laptop and a spare battery in your bag at all times, and you take along portable wifi routers or 4G dongles wherever you go, just to make sure you can sit down and slog it out.

Which is why a breakdown in technology is such a serious matter, and often one you’re not equipped to deal with. Which is why IT consultancy services are so important to invest in! Make sure you’ve got a dedicated desk to phone into when your PC gets stuck in a boot loop, or your hard drive suddenly loses all of your files.

Think About Using Your Commute

Of course, we all have things to do whilst travelling to make sure we don’t get bored, and to help pass the time a little more quickly. But what kinds of things do you get up to when you’re stuck in traffic, or your train has been delayed and you’ve got stand around for another 10 minutes at least?

Do you switch your phone on and get distracted by apps? Or do you wish you had some other things to do, that might just feel like a better use of the time?

Step one – always take a book along with you, if you’re someone who regularly commutes. Get one downloaded to your tablet if you have one; just give yourself something to get lost in, something that’s got a lot of knowledge in store for you to consume.

If you’re not a big reader, load your phone up with podcasts, and always have a good pair of headphones in your pocket or bag. Listen to experts from all over the world educate you on interesting subjects, whether it be true crime or the stuff you missed in history class.

Giving yourself more time often just means rearranging the time you already have.

Don’t stop experimenting until you’re happy with your days!

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