Travelling to a new place often fills people with a slight sense of trepidation, particularly if they don’t understand the language. However, for some individuals, the sense of danger can be overwhelming.  Travel anxiety is not a formal medical condition. People who experience it generally have some sort of underlying anxiety disorder. However, because it...
Sometimes you just need to make an outlandish plan for adventure, for no other reason than to prove you can and that your limits mean nothing. Sometimes, rationality leaves us when we consider doing that, but that doesn’t mean our approach is stupid. It’s irrational to climb Mount Everest, yet many people have done it....
If you are planning to visit a distant city for longer than two days or so, you might want to consider getting a serviced luxury apartments rather than opting for a hotel room, especially if you are more of a homebody who likes to have somewhere to put your feet up after a busy day,...
Nowadays, more and more people are choosing to stay in the UK for their vacations, rather than taking a trip abroad. This is because the UK has so much to offer. There are lots of different tour packages that enable you to truly explore the best of Britain, which is what we will discuss in...
There’s no shortage of outstanding destinations across Europe and the rest of the world, but some are that little bit more outstanding than others. One such example is Croatia. A long-time forgotten destination, this is a country that has quickly risen to become one of Europe’s most sought after destinations. Still relatively undiscovered, it provides...
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Often people who take touring holiday become a convert and addicted. They then embark on more and more touring holidays to explore the world. Whether you’re solo traveller, a group, a family or a couple touring holidays are a great way for you to explore what the whole world has to offer. There is certainly...
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